The Future of Tech Needs Design Innovators

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4:30 to 6 p.m., Oct. 12, 2023

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With the rise of AI and no-code tools, designers are finding a seat at the table with developers and indie builders. In this panel talk led by Kai Tran, UX designer and startup founder, you’ll learn practical tips on building impactful case studies that stand out, and leveraging AI to acquire new opportunities. Panelists will also share their stories of transitioning into UX, the searching for jobs post-pandemic, and founding a startup as women.


Kai Tran: Crafted game cinematics for AAA studios (Bioware/Trion Worlds) and worked on the 1st mobile game for drivers ed certification (Aceable). Found passion in web3, AI & collaboration through hackathons. Building fast, scrappy, and with purpose.

Angie Gonzales: Life long learner fueled by curiosity. Mission-driven to make an impact. Uses problem-solving skills to uncover user pain points. Brings a user-centric approach to tackle challenges innovatively at Sprintfolio.

Rebeca Kaplan: Venezuelan immigrant & first-gen U.S. college grad. Deeply rooted in web3 since 2016, motivated by its potential and the desire to enhance its user experience. Passionate about championing women in tech. Debugging life & mentoring the next wave of innovators.