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If you're new to the field of UX, connect with a volunteer mentor from the UX@UA community! Experienced UX professionals in the industry can answer your questions about starting a career in UX, or advise on more specific topics such as education options, professional opportunities, resumes, portfolios, and interview preparation. 

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Find a mentor from the list, then contact them directly through the information listed on their profile page.

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We're looking for people at all levels, from both industry and university settings, to volunteer their time.

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Useful tips when contacting a mentor

All our mentors are friendly and approachable, and will be happy to hear from you. Tell them a little about yourself and why you are contacting them specifically. Here are some examples for inspiration:

  • Hi [Mario], I'm [Kat], a [visual communications student at the University of Arizona]. I saw you listed as a mentor on the UX@UA website and would appreciate some advice on [my portfolio] since I'm [graduating soon and looking for UX designer job]. Would you be available for a [Zoom meeting/coffee chat] sometime next week, perhaps [Tuesday at 2pm or Thursday at 9am]?
  • Hello [Jung Mee], I saw you listed as a mentor on the UX@UA website and would like to learn more about [possible education options]. I'm [a senior at the iSchool] and am interested in [UX research and data science careers]. I think you'd have some great insights for me. Would you be willing to provide me with suggestions for graduate programs?