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Our volunteer mentors are available to connect with students new to the field of UX. They can answer general questions about the UX field and some can advise on more specific topics such as education options, professional opportunities and internships, resumes and portfolios, and interview preparation. This informal program began in fall 2021 and invites students to contact potential mentors to discuss what type of mentorship and level of commitment would work best.

Browse our A-Z list on this page and then feel free to contact anyone directly.

Saba Asefa (she/her)

general questtons   interview prep   resumes & portfolios  


I am a Senior UX researcher at Aya Healthcare, and formerly was a UX researcher at Target. In 2020, I transitioned from a geology career to UX. I can provide help with career switching, feedback on resumes and portfolios, helping with interview prep, and general UX field questions. I am available most weekday evenings, so feel free to reach out to me through Linkedin or Slack.

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Rebecca Blakiston (she/her)

general questions 


I graduated from and then worked at the University of Arizona for many years, and have expertise in UX research, content strategy, UX writing, information architecture, and UX in libraries. As of June 2022, I am a Senior UX Researcher with Ad Hoc, a company that improves digital services within the federal government. I'm happy to meet for coffee or tea (over Zoom or in person in Tucson) and talk with you if you're interested in pursuing a UX career, especially within libraries, higher education, or government settings.

Message me on Slack or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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Andrew Fogas

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Photo of Andrew

I'm a User Experience Researcher for the Sandia National Laboratories. I’m passionate about designing and evaluating systems, products, and services to make them easier, safer, and more effective for human use. My interests and experience include user research, usability testing, and research methods. I am currently working remotely but located in Tucson.

Email me at

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Bob Liu (he/him)

general questions  education options   interview prep   resumes & portfolios

Photo of Bob Liu

I am a UX Designer at University of Arizona Libraries. Coming from an engineering background, I like prototyping design ideas in my mind and seeing them in action. That's why I spend so much time in Figma and other design tools! When not designing, I enjoy making coffee, collage art, and electronic music. See my work and find out how to connect at

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Tim OKeefe (he/him)

general questions  resumes & portfolios


I'm recently retired from IBM as a Design Researcher. My areas of expertise include User research, Design Thinking, UI for installed applications, web applications, guidelines, Deep Learning. Things I can help you with include talking over design or user research problems, career guidance, real world work experiences and expectations. We can talk about specific things in single meetings or I am available for longer term mentoring.

Message me on Slack or email me at

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Jung Mee Park (she/her)

education options


I'm a data analyst at the University of Arizona, and my background is in social science and UX research. I hold a PhD in sociology from Cornell. My interests include academic writing, statistical analysis, and data visualization. I would be happy to meet remotely to discuss academic and research planning.

Message me on Slack or find me on Twitter @jpark1917.

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Victoria Ogino (she/her)

general questions   education options   resumes & portfolios

Victoria Ogino

Hi, I'm Victoria and am a Product Manager at Tanooki Labs. I was formerly the lead for a software development team called Tech Core in the Eller College of Management. I am also a graphic designer, UI/UX designer, and front-end developer. I also have ample experience and interest in UI/UX testing and survey design. I'm happy to help!

Email me at:

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Joe Preston

general questions    internships   interview prep   resumes & portfolios

photo of Joe

Currently VP Design at Intuit, I've been working in the UX field for over 20 years. From early on in the engineering and code side, to designing products and marketing experiences, to founding a design consultancy, to leading a large design team for a tech company. I'm hopelessly in love with design. Helping others succeed through coaching and inspiration. Learning more everyday about how little I know.

Email me at:

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Khushali Sandhi

general questions interview prep resumes & portfolios

Headshot of Khushali

I am a Sr. UX Designer at Amazon Web Services. I’ve been working in the UX field for over 10 years. I started my career as a Front-end engineer. My passion for solving customer problems drew me toward the UX path. I love what I do and am happy to help others succeed through coaching and inspiration.

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Ann Shivers-McNair (she/her)

general questions  internships  education options   interview prep   resumes & portfolios

photo of ann Shivers-McNair

My specialty is UX research and writing. I teach UX research and professional and technical writing at UA, and I publish academic research on the intersections of communication and design. Email is the best way to get in touch with me, and I'm happy to meet asynchronously via email or synchronously via Zoom (by appointment, generally on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays).

Email me at:

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Mario Vasquez (he/him)

general questions   resumes & portfolios

Mario Vasquez

I'm a UX Designer at the University of Arizona with a web development background. I've been creating digital things for a wide variety of devices, browsers and screen sizes for over 20 years. I'm also a big fan of digital equality and accessibility to make sure everything we create can be available to as many people as possible.

Message me on Slack or email me at

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Riley Zuckert (she/her)

general questions   education options   interview prep   resumes & portfolios

photo of Riley

As of September 2022 I am an Interactive Consulting Analyst with Accenture. I was a User Experience Assistant at the University of Arizona Libraries 2021-2022, and an Information Sciences student, with emphases on technology and eSociety, giving me insight into both the front- and back-ends of UX and HCI. Coming from a recent student perspective, I'm knowledgable on the educational options UofA has to offer in these fields and am happy to guide those looking for specific courses or advice on preparing for the transition from academics to industry work (finding your niche, portfolio help, etc.).

Message me on Slack.

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All our mentors are friendly and approachable, and will be happy to hear from you. Tell them a little about yourself and why you are contacting them specifically. Here are some examples for inspiration:

  • Hi [Mario], I'm [Kat], a [visual communications student at the University of Arizona]. I saw you listed as a mentor on the UX@UA website and would appreciate some advice on [my portfolio] since I'm [graduating soon and looking for UX designer job]. Would you be available for a [Zoom meeting/coffee chat] sometime next week, perhaps [Tuesday at 2pm or Thursday at 9am]?
  • Hello [Jung Mee], I saw you listed as a mentor on the UX@UA website and would like to learn more about [possible education options]. I'm [a senior at the iSchool] and am interested in [UX research and data science careers]. I think you'd have some great insights for me. Would you be willing to provide me with suggestions for graduate programs?

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We're looking for people at all levels, from both industry and university settings, to volunteer their time.

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