Practice Your UX Pitch

A professional public speaking in front of an audience.


4:30 to 6 p.m., Jan. 26, 2023

Here in the UX@UA community, we recognize that you don’t have to have “UX” in your title to be doing good UX work. Heck, you might even be doing user experience work without knowing it!

Whether you’re looking to transition into a more UX-focused role or simply looking to practice your storytelling skills, being able to describe your problem-solving process to others is an essential professional skill for advocating for sound UX practices and furthering your professional ambitions.

How to participate

At our virtual meetup, you’ll have the opportunity to tell the story of how you’ve solved a human-centered problem and receive constructive, in-the-moment feedback.

No previous experience in UX needed to present or provide feedback. We welcome newcomers!

Here’s how the pitch sessions will work for each presenter:

Part 1: Make Your Pitch [3-4 minutes]

  • The presenter will have three minutes to walk us through a process, project, or product that demonstrates how they’ve solved a human-centered problem at work, in class, or in their community.
  • You’re welcome to prepare a slide deck with visual aids or walk us through your portfolio if you’ve got one, but it’s not required!

Part 2: Feedback, Questions, & Kudos [4 minutes]

  • The audience members will provide feedback in a Google doc for each storyteller using an “I like - I wish - I wonder” format.

You can also join just to listen and share feedback to the presenters. We're excited to see you there!