Empathy maps

  • Empathy map templateFree
    Empathy maps are usually created by a project team to document what you know about a particular type of user. You can use them to build empathy, create a shared understanding of user needs, and make decisions.

    This basic, unbranded template was created by Rebecca Blakiston.


  • Persona templateFree

    Personas bring your target audience to life by describing your users' goals, behaviors, and constraints. They can be helpful design and communication tools. Ideally, they are based on user research and specific to a project.

    This powerpoint template uses UA colors and fonts, and can be adapted for any project.

    This template was created by Rebecca Blakiston and Shelly Black.

Usability testing

  • Usability test script Free
    This script can be used and adapted for usability testing.

    This script was created by Steve Krug