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What is UX?

UX is a cross-disciplinary field combining research, content, and design to create better experiences for people. 

UXers identify user needs and iterate on solutions. They aim to design useful, usable, inclusive experiences across digital and physical channels. In short, UXers are human-centered problem solvers. 

Getting started

Check out some of our favorite UX websites, books, podcasts, and more.

Collaboration & project management

Discover cheap or free tools for organizing your tasks and communicating with your team.

Content & writing

Explore tools for creating user-friendly communications, including writing and graphics.

Prototyping & visual design

Bring your ideas to life with sketches, wireframes, and mockups.

Research & testing

Learn methods for understanding your users and validating your content and/or design solutions.

Inclusive design & accessibility

Read up on the fundamentals of inclusive and accessible design.


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