Getting started

Newcomers are always welcome

Just getting started with UX? Don’t worry—we’ve been there too. No matter if you’re here looking for UX approaches to add to your work projects, or if you’re thinking about switching tracks in your career, check out the good stuff on this page that helped us grow as beginners.


  • UX Tools: A collection of how-to articles and activities to practice UX research and design skills
  • 18F Methods: U.S. government employees' curated collection of UX resources
  • UX Matters: Articles on many UX topics including practical, actionable advice and best practices to overviews of broader topics
  • Smashing Magazine: Practical articles, many on UX, geared towards web designers and developers

Books (all available through the UA Libraries)


  • UX Podcast: Hosted by UX professionals Per Axbom and James Royal-Lawson, the podcast features discussion on information architecture, UX strategy, and story mapping 
  • UX Pod: UX consultant Gerry Gaffney talks about UX and its relevance to a wide range of topics from accessibility and banking to robotics and urban design 
  • Honest UX Talks: Honest weekly conversations about UX design career, challenges, portfolios, mental health, and all things UX
  • Design Better: Interviews with industry leaders about UX/UI design.
  • The Product Design Podcast: Conversations product designers on how they got to where they are today and advice to help you navigate the world of product design.
  • Awkward Silences: Episodes about all things UX research, qualitative data, and the craft of user interviews.
  • Design Details: A podcast with designers who love talking about design, development, products, interfaces, games, and more
  • The Content Strategy Podcast: Interviews with experts and new voices in the field of content strategy
  • Content Design with Friends: A podcast about UX, content, and the people behind the words
  • Design System Office Hours: Design system practitioners talk about design-led product ownership, scaling and adoption, design system team models, and more.
  • UI Breakfast: This podcast features discussions around UI/UX design, products, marketing, and more, all from the perspective of industry experts 
  • UX Radio: Episodes about information architecture (IA), UX, and design
  • Overtime, Dribble: The latest design news and tips you need to create your best work
  • What is Wrong with UX: The hosts, Kate and Laura, drink and fight about what is wrong with user experience design
  • Voice of Design: Having the conversations about design we want to have, sometimes with guests. Hosted by Larisa Berger, Erika Hall, and Mike Monteiro
  • A11y Rules Soundbites: People with disabilities discuss accessibility and navigating technology
  • Human Tech: A podcast at the intersection of humans, brain science, and technology
  • 24 Minutes of UX: By Jesse Anton and Peter Horvath, creators of the 24 Hours of UX event
  • Presentable: Designing the future: The host uses his two decades of experience to discuss how we design and build the tools that shape our digital world
  • Crazy One: Stephen Gates teaches you how to be a better leader, have a stronger career, build better relationships with your clients, and more
  • Design Life Podcast: A podcast about balancing design careers and freelance side projects.


Check out all of our recommended tools on the prototyping & visual design page. Here’s a selection:

  • Figma: Powerful vector design tool that lets you collaborate right within your browser. Free education plan for students and educators. 
  • Color contrast checker by WebAIM: Handy tool to make sure your selected foreground and background colors create enough contrast.
  • User interface elements by Refer to this list of common web components to make sure your design is familiar for users.

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